8 eco-friendly gift ideas

The holidays are upon us, and along with it the exciting puzzling game of what to get for whom. And let’s face it, there’s a part in all of us that wants to nail that perfect gift. You know, the gift that’s different from the usual classics. The gift that stands out. The gift that leads to interesting conversations. The gift that will be useful instead of being forgotten after a few weeks. Well, that perfect gift is an eco-friendly gift (no joke!).

Whether it’s for the cook of the house or the teenager who never goes without her makeup, the wonderful teacher who works so hard to help your child or the daycare educator your toddler appreciates so much (as do you!), there are lots of low-priced ecological products to choose from. Perfect for stocking stuffers, and you can combine several of them if you want to up your game. Really, regardless of your budget, eco-friendly gifts are the way to go to be different and original. You can even surprise those you won’t have the opportunity to see by shipping them their gift directly to their doorstep.

Ready? Here we go.


1. Reusable Sealer Bags

Reducing our use of plastic, even a tiny little bit, is a big step in the right direction. And sometimes, we just need that extra little nudge to change our habits. Well, this Holiday season, give a little nudge yourself by offering reusable sealer bags. Because we all know that once you’ve tried them, you appreciate how sturdy and convenient they are. Plus, they come in various convenient sizes so they turn out to be useful for everyday food items in the fridge or freezer, or even to store items that are not food-related. Consider using them to “wrap” your gift: a batch of homemade cookies stashed in a large reusable sealer bag with a nice string and handwritten note will go a long way.   

Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags


2. Silicone Stretch Lids

Really, you say, lids as a gift… Yes, why not we say… Hmmm, you think. I’ll bite, tell me more… Well, since you’ve asked, silicone stretch lids are a lifesaver when it comes to food storage because they won’t come loose when you want them to hold, or bunch up and stick when you need them to just lay there flat. We all had that plastic food wrap gone wrong adventure, right? And that’s why silicone lids are a great gift idea. A great environmentally friendly gift that is. Offer them along with a beautiful ceramic baking dish or other oven-to-table dishware. Now that’s an original gift combination. Silicone lids are also perfect to cover fruit and vegetable halves, but offering half a cantaloup would be weird.

Silicone Stretch Lids

3. Wheat Straw Tableware for kids

Not only is this gift idea original, but it’s also a natural and sustainable alternative to the ever so redundant plastic tableware. The bowls, plates, glasses and spoons are made out of wheat straw fibre, a renewable resource. Wheat straw tableware is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Oh, and unbreakable. An important quality when it comes to those little, clumsy hands. The baby dining set is sure to please with its soft beige colour. And if you have a family with young kids on your list, the ecological tableware set will surely be appreciated as a gift … by the parents. Just wanted to set expectations here. Once the kids are grown up and have worn out those plates, bowls and all, remind the parents to place them (the tableware, not the kids) in the compost bin. Because yes, wheat straw tableware is biodegradable. 

Wheat Straw Tableware for Kids


4. Makeup Remover Reusable Pads

There are so many wonderful beauty products out there that are environmentally friendly, it’s a shame to know that many people use disposable cotton pads along with them. Our makeup remover reusable pads made out of bamboo fibre fleece are all nice and soft, giving them a luxurious feeling. They come in a set of 10 in a lovely little wash bag, and make a great gift idea whether you offer them alone say as a stocking stuffer, or combine them with a nice floral water for instance.


Reusable Makeup Remover Pads


5. Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable cotton mesh bags come in different sizes, so having a few handy is always useful. For the grocery store visits obviously, since plastic bags are now rare if not already absent in the fruits and vegetables section, but also all around the house. You can stash so many things in them to make the house more orderly. The kids’ little knick knacks (or yours…) are a good example. Personalizing the bags you offer with embroidery, buttons, ribbons or fun patches will add a nice touch and turn these eco-friendly bags into a heart warming and thoughtful gift.



6. Cupcake Silicone Baking Moulds

Ever had that Whaaaat feeling because that little paper cup went gritty and kept half your muffin? Or ever just sadly shook your head as you scrub away your “non-stick” cooking ware? Save someone the misadventures (and yourself while you’re at it). Colourful cupcake silicone baking moulds are a joy to look at, and even more of a joy when it’s time to eat your precious treat. You just peel them away. That’s it. No drama. Easy to clean too. We know, we get goose bumps as well just thinking about it. And you could even bake a nice batch of muffins to complete the gift!

Cupcake Silicone Baking Moulds



7. Gift card

Ah, the gift card. As always, it’s the perfect gift when you’re not sure what the person on your list already has or what they’d like. Remember that extra little nudge we mentioned earlier some folks (even us) need from time to time to change our habits? A gift card is perfect for that. Just write down your favourite eco-friendly picks to go along with it. Pretty sure the person will appreciate your recommendations. Plus, given the current circumstances we all know and wish would go away magically, it’s nice to know that this gift idea can be easily sent by mail.

ProEcolo Gift Card



8. Zero-waste gift kit

Overwhelmed and not sure what to offer? We have the perfect solution for you. What if you could offer a gift to help the lucky person reduce their plastic consumption by discovering wonderful eco-friendly products? Our zero-waste gift kit will please many, that’s for sure. In addition to containing a set of practical products to reduce their ecological footprint, the kit will be delivered right to your door for free. You even get a Furoshiki wrap as an added bonus. Original and different you say? Oh my, it’ll be off the charts!

Zero Waste Gift Kit


Furoshiki: put the finishing touch to your eco-friendly gifts.

The beauty with a Furoshiki wrap is that the wrap becomes a gift in itself. Pretty. Zero waste. Reusable. So, if you’re going to be environmentally friendly for your gifts, might as well go all the way and wrap them using the Furoshiki technique. Don’t be alarmed. Everyone can do it, and it’s actually pretty fun. It’ll make your gift stand out even more. Check out our tutorial, and you’ll be folding and knotting away in no time.


Furoshiki Gift Wraps

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