Green gift wrapping: focus on the Furoshiki technique.

Did you know that in Canada, we throw away 25% more garbage during the holidays? Gift bags, ribbons and cabbages do not go for recycling. And all that shiny, beautiful wrapping paper ends up in landfills, too. But recently, a traditional Japanese wrapping technique has resurfaced during the holiday season: Furoshiki. With a simple piece of fabric, it is possible to wrap a gift in an environmentally friendly way while giving it style.

An old technique that has it all today.
The Japanese have been using the Furoshiki technique for over 1000 years. First used to pack valuables, this technique later became a convenient way of transporting goods. But let's face it, Furoshiki does have its place these days. Fabrics lend themselves well to reuse, possibly making Furoshiki the most environmentally friendly gift wrapping technique available.

Where to start?

Watch our tutorial video to see step by step how to pack it all and voila! Your eco-responsible (and very original) gift will be ready to offer. Don't forget to take a look at our beautiful Furoshiki wraps.

Don't forget to decorate your packaging with natural and ecological decorations such as fir branches, dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks. Your gifts will become works of art.

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