OL cosmétiques, des produits naturels et québécois pour la peau
Présentation d'ÖL cosmétiques

Jennifer Ethier, propriétaire de ProÉcolo rencontre Annie Poudrette d'ÖL cosmétiques afin de vous faire découvrir sa gamme de soins pour la peau. ÖL cosmétiques c'est :  Des produits naturels efficaces  Entièrement formulés à partir de plantes  Faits au Québec  Végane & non testé sur les animaux  Sans gluten

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Eco-friendly swaps
10 easy product swaps to reduce your ecological footprint.

Single-use items have an awful impact on our ecological footprint. Our minds often try to justify or minimize their consequence, but there’s no way around it. They leave a nasty trace. Luckily, we can steer around and head in a direction that is more environmentally responsible with just a few easy product swaps. And over the long run, these reusable products actually become money savers. Here are our top-10 faves.

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La paille de blé comme solution de rechange au plastique ? Vous avez bien lu.
Wheat straw as an alternative to plastic? You read right.

Wheat straw is the stem that’s left behind once wheat grains have been harvested. So, in other words, we can put the leftovers of agriculture to good use. And let’s face it, the agricultural “waste” that is wheat straw is readily available, not to mention a highly renewable resource. Ironic, isn’t it? The greatest alternative material to plastic has been sitting right under our nose all this time.

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