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Mama Karité — savon nature 50 % karité - Savonnerie des Diligences
Mama Karité — savon nature 50 % karité - Savonnerie des Diligences
Mama Karité — pain de savon - Savonnerie des Diligences
Savon nature 50 % karité - Savonnerie des Diligences
Mama Karité — savon nature 50 % karité - Savonnerie des Diligences

Mama Africa - natural soap 50% shea butter - Savonnerie des Diligences

Savonnerie Diligences


Mama Africa is the go-to moisturizing soap for fragile and irritated skin. This natural soap is made with 50% fair trade shea butter from Mali and contains no essential oils or perfumes, which makes it soothing and softening. It produces a creamy, rich and velvety foam that envelops, hydrates and cleanses the most sensitive skin.

The sweetness of Mama Africa is also ideal for babies and newborns. This natural shea butter soap, handmade in Quebec, will provide you with all the benefits, hydration and softness that your sensitive skin deserves. 100 g format


Wet the moisturizing shea butter soap to produce a rich lather by rubbing it between your hands. Use the foam produced to cleanse the entire body, then rinse with clean water.


Oils (50% fair trade shea butter, olive, organic coconut butter, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide.


  • Local Canadian Family Business

  • Livraison gratuite sur les commandes de 65$ et +.

  • Carefully chosen eco-friendly products.

  • Recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging.

  • 1% of profits donated to Plastic Oceans Canada.

Questions fréquentes 

Which soap to use for sensitive skin?

Surgras soaps, without perfume or essential oil, are preferred for sensitive skin. They are made according to the same recipe as classic soap, but enriched with superfatting nutrients like shea butter or sweet almond oil. These body soaps therefore make it possible to cleanse the skin without ever drying it out. The fact that they are essential oil and fragrance free makes them gentle on fragile, sensitive, irritated skin and even those of babies and newborns.

What soap to use for babies and newborns?

The skin of babies and newborns is very sensitive, so opt for a mild, unscented soap or a soap-free cleanser. Natural soaps without essential oil or perfume are therefore an excellent choice for baby's toilet.

Do you offer free shipping?

Any order over $65 automatically qualifies for free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Free shipping on orders of $65 and more

Recyclable packaging

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