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Éponge en silicone 3 en 1 - ProÉcolo
Éponge en silicone 3 en 1 - ProÉcolo
Eponge Silicone 3 en 1
Laveur vaisselle eponge 3 en 1
Silicone Dishwasher Sponge 3in1 - ProEcolo
Eponge vaisselle en silicone
Silicone Miracle Sponge
Laveur en silicone - 3 en 1
Éponge à vaisselle 3 en 1

3-in-1 Silicone Sponge



This eco-friendly all-in-one scouring sponge is made of durable silicone. It combines a scrubber, scraper, squeegee and dish soap dispenser for sparkling pans and a reduced ecological footprint.

  • Ideal for washing dishes and pots and pans, but it can also be used to clean cooktops, the sink, etc.
  • Its short bristles loosen stubborn dirt, while its longer bristles treat dishes and surfaces with delicacy making it the perfect reusable dish sponge.
  • Material: made of silicone, non-toxic.
  • Size: 17 x 7.5 x 2.6 cm.
  • Resistant to bacteria and odours.
  • BPA free.

Completely resistant to bacteria and mold, this reusable silicone sponge is obviously a traditional sponges replacement, in addition to being durable, eco-friendly and hygienic. Are you ready for the change?

Questions fréquentes 

How to clean the reusable silicone sponge?

The silicone does not absorb any liquid, which allows you to have a sponge without bacteria or odor, at all times! You can still wash it in the dishwasher.

What is the difference with the silicone dishwashing sponge?

The 3 in 1 sponge is the "daddy" of our small silicone dish washer. It is bigger and more rigid. The 2 models are equally effective. So it depends on your preferences!

Why is the 3 in 1 silicone sponge environmentally friendly?

Did you know that you need to replace your disposable sponges at least once a week to prevent the spread of bacteria? Ewww! So in a lifetime, hundreds and hundreds of sponges are thrown in the trash. Our silicone sponges are infinitely reusable and therefore allow you to have a direct impact on reducing your waste. However, it is important to know that at the end of its life, the sponge is not compostable or recyclable. Fortunately, it is very durable and will be your ally for ten years!

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Un peu déçue. ..

On doit aussi utiliser autre chose pour laver la vaisselle. Trop rigide et "tue la mousse"! J'ai l'impression d'utiliser plus de savon à vaisselle. .. Mon conjoint à brisé un verre à vin en l'utilisant. J'aurais peut-être dû prendre le petit modèle. Travaille bien pour les assiettes ou poêle mais besoin du grattoir souvent. .. voilà !


Éponge qui passe à travers les trucs collants. Coins facile d' accès. Solide et resistante