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Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pcs)
Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pcs)
Couvercles en silicone ProÉcolo
Eco-Friendly Silcone Strech Lids
Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pcs)
Couvercles en silicone - ProEcolo
Couvercles réutilisables en silicone ProÉcolo
Silicone Strech Lids - Sizes
Silcone Strech Lids - ProEcolo
Silcone Strech Lids  - Fruits
Couvercles en silicone - ProÉcolo
Silcone Strech Lids - ProEcolo

Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pcs)



In addition, they are much easier to use (no more battles with your saran-wrap dispenser), waterproof and stretchy. Say goodbye to plastic wrap!

Wait, there's more:

  • Round or rectangle: choose the format that suits you best.
  • Waterproof: helps preserve the freshness of food.
  • Practical: 6 formats that adapt to round and square dishes and also your leftover fruits and vegetables.
  • Reusable: use them again and again!
  • Easy to maintain: can be washed in the dishwasher in the upper basket.
  • Safe for the microwave (note: remove a corner to allow air to pass through)
  • Food grade silicone. BPA free.
  • Set of 6 lids of different sizes and shapes (round or square)

GOOD TO KNOW! Not all silicone lids are created equal; we have done a lot of research to find the best quality ones possible, at the same low price! Our choice fell on these lids made from premium food grade silicone, LFGB certified. They are more stretchy and resistant to last over and over again!

Stop buying plastic food wrap thanks to this ecological, economical and above all practical alternative to cover your dishes, your fruits and vegetables and your table scraps!


    Just choose the right size and cover your dish. The stretchable silicone allows the lid to be stretched so that it easily adapts to several types of containers


    • Local Canadian Family Business

    • Livraison gratuite sur les commandes de 65$ et +.

    • Carefully chosen eco-friendly products.

    • Recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging.

    • 1% of profits donated to Plastic Oceans Canada.

    Questions fréquentes 

    How to clean the silicone lids?

    They are very easy to clean by hand but if needed they can be washed in the dishwasher in the top basket.

    Are the reusable lids microwave safe?

    They are indeed microwave safe. All you need to do is undo a corner to let the air pass before heating your dish.

    Why are silicone stretch lids environmentally friendly?

    It is important to know that at the end of their life, these lids are not compostable or recyclable. That is why our lids are made of premium food grade silicone, LFGB certified. They are stronger and more durable than the majority of lids available on the market. The goal is therefore to reuse and reuse them for years to come, eliminating hundreds of rolls of saran wrap plastic or disposable ziploc bags from our landfills or waterways.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    Any order over $65 automatically qualifies for free shipping anywhere in Canada.

    Free shipping on orders of $65 and more

    Recyclable packaging

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