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Chiffons tout usage en microfibres recyclées - Full Circle
Chiffons tout usage en microfibres recyclées - Full Circle
Chiffons en microfibres recyclées - Full Circle
Chiffons tout usage  - Full Circle
Chiffons tout usage nettoyage - Full Circle
Chiffons tout usage en microfibres recyclées - Full Circle
Chiffons tout usage  - Full Circle

All Purpose Recycled Microfiber Cloths - Full Circle

Full Circle

Lemon - Pack of 3Grey - Pack of 3

All-purpose, recycled microfiber cloths come in a pack of 3. Not only will they charm you with their softness and citrus pattern, but also with their practicality.

These microfiber cloths remove bacteria from surfaces to be cleaned, only by wetting them with water. Their softness is ideal for cleaning glass or stainless steel surfaces.

Plus, each cloth has a loop and tag, so it can be hung up to dry and tidy. They also have an ecological aspect. These all-purpose cleaning cloths are made from GRS certified recycled plastic: 3 cloths = 3 plastic bottles diverted from landfills.

Dimensions: 3.50 cm x 11.00 cm x 19.00 cm


Full Circle Recycled Microfiber All-Purpose Cloths can be used in two ways: dry and damp. For dry cleaning, simply wipe the cleaning cloth gently over surfaces to collect dust. To thoroughly clean a surface and remove bacteria, simply dampen the cloth with lukewarm water, wring well and clean any non-porous surface. Dry after each use.


  • Local Canadian Family Business

  • Livraison gratuite sur les commandes de 65$ et +.

  • Carefully chosen eco-friendly products.

  • Recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging.

  • 1% of profits donated to Plastic Oceans Canada.

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Recyclable packaging

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Questions fréquentes 

How to wash the microfiber cloth?

It is important to follow a few rules when washing microfiber cleaning cloths. If they are not washed properly, they will not be as effective at cleaning. Here are the important rules to follow:

1. It is important to wash microfiber cloths on their own. Other textiles should never be added to it.

2. Use only a small amount of liquid soap. Powdered soap is not recommended as it could become embedded in the fibers.

3. Wash in hot water, on a regular cycle.

4. Never use fabric softener for microfiber cleaning cloths.

How to choose a microfiber cloth?

There are an impressive number of microfiber cloths available on the market. It can therefore be very difficult to know which one to choose. Here are two tips to help you:

The quality. To be effective and resistant, the cleaning cloth must be dense to the touch. In addition, it is important to check that the edges of the cloth are sewn, to prevent them from fraying.

The composition. A good all-purpose microfiber cloth should be made of at least 30% polyamide for it to work well when wet.

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Any order over $65 automatically qualifies for free shipping anywhere in Canada.

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